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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 18, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: this is what the
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view is from the golden gate shedding things down a little bit in the way we have have an fog and also some drizzle and the travel a little bit of sentiment action here is the progress making its way within eupepsia meccas with all the way to the close on to return tonight it looks like it is making some better irs morning
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fog and sunny in the afternoon still toasty the scattered clouds remained in downtown san francisco speaking of that 715 game time hanging in mid-50s remember you're dealing with the temper kleinman a chilly breeze with those temperatures in the mid-50s. >>robin winston: you conceive the traffic is nice and smooth rolling out of oakland no delays and no problems in this move all the with the downtown 580 west
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checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge traffic also looking good eight minutes from the tall out to 101 know the problems heading into or out of san francisco be careful as you work your way across the span no major hot spots come from the sun drive times the east bay freeway looks good 14 minutes from west for to antioch in to concord. >>robin winston: the drive times as good 20 minutes from 2 05 to the dublin and to change it is very quiet rolling out more the hill from that is headed north the drive times a quick two- minute trip. >>james: the top story this morning to woman is dead and her baby is still alive after a car crash the mother has been identified as the 18 year-old she was a month pregnant.
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>>j.r. stone: she was pregnant and died early wednesday morning in this car crash her baby was delivered at the santa clara valley medical center in it is still unclear why or how the driver lost control according to the facebook page she was part of the class of 2016 in east san jose live already started to
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leave messages saying heartbroken to hear about what happened the suspect as a longtime middle school teacher they say the teacher who was also a mother had been in a relationship. >>reporter: it comes just one week before the start of the school year parents and teachers from campus for orientation they were shocked to hear news of the to the rest someone called 911
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monday to report a woman having an a for peer relations when they arrived they found for year-old heather this is also where she was taken into custody. >>james: firefighters there are making some excellent progress the officials say they stopped the spread of that fire is stands at 4,000 a. and, in the
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fire contained a number is that 50 percent of the bad news is they have destroyed hundred and 75 buildings guest today the man accused of starting the fire face the judge it was full of lake county residents watching as well. >>reporter: passing out just before what men he kept his back to the core room mumbling when of the judge asks questions and at times even shaking his been charged with the number of felonies including 12 counts of arson and one attempted arson he's been investigated for about a year he was in the area of
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several of the fires is accused of starting wall behind bars that have been given his bell is set at $5 million. >>james: the web site by the way
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we posted the document in the lake county arson case you will find listings of the charges that they are facing that is available for you we have video of the fire take a look you conceive and bargaining it happened near mckee road and will start avenue just east of highway one the heavy smoke was
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caused by chris isaak and soak in the will on the trestle and also fueled the fire people in the nearby city living center the investigation continues to answer what caused and coming up in east bay city is experiencing an unprecedented spike find out which one and hear from a man who witnessed one of them to american swimmers reporter of flights as it would try to head back to the united states. ♪ music
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>>reporter: who won fame is the temperatures are actually a little bit more lofty even though in the forecast a little bit lower is what we're expecting 64 downtown san francisco morning clouds may be somewhat variable clouds even for the peninsula into saturday
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and sunday in his middle to upper 80s and early next week. >>reporter: there on the road in so far there hotspot freeing that is good news not know but
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crashes 92 is moving very well it will be 15 minutes from 880 over to the bayshore freeway a live look at five a it was a bomb approach in the toll plaza it is a great ride heading into the north bay is not going to be a problem. >>robin winston: all the way into san francisco traffic is at the limit no big problems for highway 101 checking and also drive times at the limit throughout the south of the 237 west no big problems 85 north looking good out of san jose and. >>james: let's head to the to bay where hayward police said they're experiencing an unprecedented spike in violent crimes in the most recent was tuesday night he shot during the
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mugging we talk to someone who sought happen. >>reporter: he did not see the shooting happened but the victim's wife showed up at his door looking for help he called 911 and this video you to see the crime scene technicians looking for evidence the cult was robbed of their phones the victim was transported to a local hospital and was reported to be out of surgery police are looking for the suspect would say drove off and a large candy apple red as u v will gold rams if. >>reporter: they believe this was a random act of violence
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police say they have made the rest into the murders that happened this month. >>mark: >>james: 10 after the man you see in this shot hanging out of the white car was seen firing our number of shops take a look at the full witnesses say possibly 20 rounds were fired as one car chase another down the street here is where all happened we have a map to show
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you there are apartments there some homes and businesses the shooting has people who live in that area stun the especially considering the time of day it also place. >>james: police say no one on the street was hit by any of the stray bullets turning our attention to bay area baseball the giants continue unfortunately wrapping of the disaster the giants started
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would brighten call for this trouble driving home of trying to snap a losing streak in taxes management has been benching them here was the case he is crushing a leadoff homer to right that was cut away bottom of the fifth in the base hit go ahead run comes san texas tech's lead and go on to win with of final of six to
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>>darya: >>james: an accident when for the national team that is where the toppled the world champ in straight sets to advance to the finals acquit of day on the olympic medal, the united states leads everyone with a total of 93 overall medals in second place is china with 34 medals in great britain with 50.
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>>james: police say they will not be allowed to leave brazil to the testify about robbery the judge said she needs more time to determine if they filed a false cry report they have more questions for two of the four american swimmers who claim they're robbed at gunpoint on sunday and and send their recounted.
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>>reporter: visited the village after a brazilian judge issued a search warrant and in order to seize the past four but the committee said the swim team moved out of the vicinity days ago there is an increasing speculation about what happened this said they appeared unshaken making jokes among siege other they said that his client is already back in the united states and the fully cooperated with brazilian and u.s. authorities before leaving the country he was not asked to remain in brazil for further investigation weather and
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>>james: shield is a million
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dollars to the victims of louisiana flood an olympic gymnast this a surprise in real all that more she just donated $1 million to the victims of flooding and louisiana she felt a strong connection to the people live there. >>reporter: she apparently fell to the floor recovered quickly.
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>>james: we have to take a quick break when we come back everyone knows the prices are through the roof but just how high have become will take a closer look her was a live look outside the san mateo bridge as we look at the stretch of highway 92.
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>>james: the victim the 18 year- old woman died hours after a car crash on southbound highway 1 01
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early wednesday morning and happen near tully road a millbrae matters who teaches behind bars on suspicion of lewd acts with the child the 40 year- old was engaged in inappropriate behavior with a young girl also said have gone along 530 monday night but the teacher at taylor middle school massive wildfires continue to burn in san bernardino county the fire is growing out of control this morning right now containments as a just 4 percent over 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate the area and 35,000 homes account threatened.
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>>reporter: a lot of false and drizzle however this will dissipate pretty quickly and it did not get that much penetration into the inland valleys we're looking yes and no. start in the inland valleys a little warmer today and we saw yesterday morning along the peninsula the san mattel at 5756 san francisco again the contrast we just mentioned or
4:32 am
cut agrees to handle the ball game somewhat the same performance and looks like similar temperatures a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere in terms of humidity will get the afternoon evening breeze will try 63 and looks like by high noon at 82 we're not looking for widespread '80s as much as this weekend. >>reporter: that will be coming for the weekend more details in the neighborhood weather.
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>>robin winston: howe about coming from the north back into san francisco is and smooth all morning so far at the limit lasted 25 minutes over to the san francisco side checking and also drive times they still look pretty good role model concord pleasant hill walnut creek and looks good all the way out to danville 14 minutes howe about the nimitz know the problems to san leandro haywood union city fremont 20 minutes to get from to 38 out to 237 from the quiet just a minor crowding. >>james: the santa rosa city council has to let pass the rent stabilization and the new ordinance that will be prevented
4:34 am
from the victim without cost just how much money are people paying to live here? they reveal than what we already knew of the san francisco has the highest rents in the nation. >>james: 42 bedroom spy on the average rent is just over $5,000 a month into of for that type randy to make an income of about $216,000 a year boston
4:35 am
came in fourth followed by washington d.c. and in seattle. >>james: jose high gang of 5500 employees was roughly 7% of the work force that made the announcement yesterday morning the cuts will start this summer not clear exactly which employees will be let go we will let you know what we find out the decision came out as the most recent quarter it was at the savings and reinvested in other software and service products a pair of chilling
4:36 am
images emerged from the deep floodwaters and bat and rouge >>james: the other image of the casket on earth by flooding and denim louisiana about 13 mi. from louisiana to severe weather across the midsection of the country specifically the nasa weather service has come from the storm with cornell like power cause damage like this the entire history was rep the way in it collapsed no injuries have been reported several storms have caused flash flooding
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overwhelmed drainage systems brought down power lines and in the end of the national weather service's as up to a half dozen tornadoes.
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plans to new customers but they are also available for existing customers would you have to go into the store
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>>james: it was given by live
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once again to the bottom of this story there were given some conflicting information that would not be allowed to leave brazil until the testified a judge is now saying she needs more time to determine if they filed a false crime report.
4:47 am
>>reporter: that is drifting for the way it is going to allow a little bit of a slight cooling with his rifle may be some showers happened up in the sierra that is something to watch as we go for to the
4:48 am
weekend and early to 19.
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>>robin winston: a nice ride into the north to bay checking in on the drive times some crowding 580 west coming outraced to the out to my of 23 minutes from 2 05 to 680 highway 4 in great shape a quick 13 minutes trip out to 42.
4:50 am
>>james: we're getting ready for school college student learning how to live on their own and they can be targets for people trying to rip them off. >>reporter: off-campus rentals if you rent an apartment it may be altered to multiple people or
4:51 am
may not exist they should have a peer review in offer as before you sign a good resource so void is the bettis business bureau which is constantly updated and ready for school this morning at the school year starts out with take a look at how many children are coming to what the proper vaccine it will cut back the vast majority students from
4:52 am
infectious diseases it is the parents could no longer or opt out of giving their children vaccination's there is no longer an exemption for personal beliefs we call several districts to see if they had to send anyone who did not comply no one had to be sent home in san jose san francisco in fremont.
4:53 am
>>james: the officer is recovering and the hospital the driver who caused that crash was arrested will take a quick break coming of president obama back on the golf green working on his swing so is the improving we will find out.
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>>robin winston: this is fairly quiet looking good is a live look at 92 no problems leaving the nimitz or hayward before starts to back of practice pay off for the president on the golf course on suspicion of lewd
4:57 am
acts with the child a lot of conflicting stories as they tried to get to the bottom of that we will be right back. ♪ music
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: also a bit of a wave of the drizzle it penetrated the inland areas as much as we saw from yesterday and that is the hands of the numbers a little bit higher we had temperatures warmer that is not the trend we
5:01 am
have we have to see the court on happening also for competent and i'm of the more 64 hayward that contrast with this time yesterday. >>robin winston: so far check-in on the bay bridge camille wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is pretty smooth even on the open side and looks good no big problems if you use it now is a to 10 minutes from the maze into the sky way will
5:02 am
check in on the san mateo bridge coming up in the next report. >>will tran: my all accounts before all this she was highly respected the show you some video her name is heather 40 years old she was arrested in san ramon after the police officer got a tip that she might be in a car with a minor they went to the particular location they spotted her and a teenage they're not saying if she was a former student at the middle school they also went to her house they're not saying what
5:03 am
type of evidence they remove from the house word quickly spread to the parents and students at the middle school we got reaction from them it was what had to say about her arrest we don't know what the bail amount is if she happens to make bail out we're not sure and this starts next thursday whether or not she will be in school or suspended until this investigation is over.
5:04 am
>>james: they destroyed 268 buildings that includes homes
5:05 am
and businesses in bern just over six square miles they say in this stopped growing and is now 50 percent contained this was yesterday's you where he kept his back to the court room and mumbled when the judge asked some questions it was full of people who live and the accounting the fire broke out back on july 22nd in armed hundred and 19 square miles the containment.
5:06 am
>>mark: it is considered suspicious they say it is a homeless encampment and they will be investigating. >>darya: there were taken off the flight from brazil to the u.s. for questioning have left
5:07 am
the airport with their big order to stay put we have new video leaving the airport brazilian authorities remove them from the flight they were taken in for questioning regarding the reports that have been robbed early sunday morning he says they're wrong the gunpoint in a taxing police say they found little evidence to support the claims and they've given conflicting stories about this there are ready back in the u.s., there have water to stay in brazil to give police a statement. >>darya: he led with 27 points
5:08 am
he now moved past michael jordan for the fourth most points and team usa history stanford and arab shoji are part of the squad the tech on in early in the semifinals tomorrow jamaican and has put myself in the prime spot for another medal china and second with 54 medals. >>darya: here is a look at the big event on the volleyball court the u.s. woman battle
5:09 am
servia for a spot at the gold or shot at a gold the u.s. women will take on friends on the basketball court and a match that would determine who gets to play and as we said there competing for gold in the 200 m final. >>mark: safety concerns and one city after police said a gunman and this car opened fire it is
5:10 am
smooth sailing a complete traffic check coming up after the break.
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>>james: neighborhood still need deeper in water 40,000 homes damaged in the started thousand people in 1400 pence he is one to talk about how the government
5:14 am
will try and help out with the recovery efforts they save their not expecting an increase of the virus flooding and storms like this most the mosquito population >>reporter: most of the country has this chance of to the north to one to draw the attention this is the trouble area was
5:15 am
interesting from this from a bay point of view you may see some debris cloud from all of this thing give me some less colorful sunsets the fall that we have did not penetrate as far inland as the predecessor. predecessor >>reporter:.
5:16 am
>>reporter: finally is saying that '80s as it went over into the weekend we are in the room right now nothing has changed the weather pattern is a possibility of another heat spike we will keep an eye on that the coastal members do not change. male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 news weekened starts now >>robin winston: 8 to 10 minutes
5:17 am
from the maze to the sky when howe about 90 to the ride across the san mateo bridge if you have to use it use it now before it starts to back up this been smooth and quiet grout the morning commute from the north bay is less than 25 minutes over to the toll plaza so far a good ride checking in also drive times no big crashes the ride on highway 4 is fairly light if you have to head west this morning it is less then 20 minutes. >>mark: the search is on for
5:18 am
show opened fire while chasing another car in emeryville witnesses say a man and side of the car fired as many as 20 rounds while chasing a gray sedan by the time the police arrived at the scene will cars for bond there are apartments homes in several businesses in the area people live and work in the area said they are stunned. no one on the street was injured but parked car was hit by gunfire.
5:19 am
>>darya: a pregnant woman is dead and she was killed in a car crash her baby survives but is in critical condition according to her facebook page she went to independence high school she died hours after her car crash on southbound highway 101 san jose and a half and early yesterday morning she was a passenger in the honda civic the crass as to the 2002 bmw police arrested the driver of the bmw on suspicion of driving under the influence the victim's wife
5:20 am
showed but the door looking for of the house the couple was robbed of their cell from the victim was transported to a local hospital police are looking for the suspect who they say drove off in a large candy apple red as u v with gold rams they believe this was a random act this said the violence comes in the wake of five separate
5:21 am
murders this month along just as we can the 42 year-old was fatally stabbed at his corner where the cattle left they'd made arrests in connection with the two of the recent murders investigators say a driver missed the gas pedal for the break and drove the car to the front of a dry cleaning business.. >>darya: you can see it ran right through the 230 in the afternoon yes today the american dry cleaning luckily no one was hurt but adjutancy the store windows and doors were broken the owner says this the second time someone has driven through their business investigators say
5:22 am
one person was in the car please do not believe the driver was under the influence it was mistaken petals of firefighters managed to prevent oil from leaking into the late.--lake.
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>>darya: 11 to take a quick peak of weather and traffic.
5:30 am
. >>reporter: in many spots that is true >>robin winston: howe over in the east of a highway for we have stop and go traffic was
5:31 am
bound and pence bird and accident that looks pretty minor no injuries, but the two left plans are blocked traffic is quickly building if we use it expects a lot of stop and go traffic from leverage or you always used leland and runs parallel to highway 4 it will get you around all the slow traffic the drive times 13 to 15 minutes expect that to increase as they are still dealing with the crash. first >>darya: the clinton fire has stopped growing and most of the evacuation orders have been lifted and there is still long road to go. >>reporter: here at the 29 casino there still dozens of people who cannot return home because of the fire we're told
5:32 am
about 28 people stayed here last night and they're all port- salut like that have not been allowed to repopulate we want to show you some video of what look like near the fire line. >>reporter: 3,900 a. have been burned in the fire is 50 percent contained at this point some low lead residents were able to go back to their homes as early as 4:00 yesterday but some people did not have much to go back to me. >>reporter: they believe it was caused by arson they have the suspect in custody he is being held on $5 million bond rolled closes are still in effect a main street east of highway 53 the highway 29 junction at lake st. south we will be here at one time to signal.
5:33 am
>>james: that one is still raging out of control is wrong to for square-mile spot it went from nothing to almost the size of san francisco on 48-hour the fire burned with san bernardino county about 60 mi. as a racist through the ridges and hillside and started to the morning it quickly erupted more than 82,000 people firefighters do not know, and holmes a been destroyed
5:34 am
behind the valley fire was destroyed more than 1300 homes that is the latest on the news room a man's body was found near a busy interchange they found the body near highway 1 01 and interstate 280. >>darya: it was last friday morning and they have identified the man he was homeless a preliminary investigation suggests that he may be the victim of murder because some of the injuries they found his body the police are still waiting for for autopsy results to move forward. >>mark: police arrested andre all this it was an accomplice.
5:35 am
>>darya: is a mother of his two children his body was found shortly after that near hills burn the crease suspects are due back in court oct.. >>mark: telling clinton is slamming donald trump's campaign shake-up she says he is already showed america we is and that
5:36 am
will not change no matter who he hires to run his campaign the comments come as stephen as the campaign chief executive the chairman of the conservative kron-4-dot-com a new poll finds the voters chose to return some much more than donald trump just 1 percent of voter surveys said they cannot trust clinton
5:37 am
this is an effort to attract democrats or unsure of hillary clinton right now she is 5 percent support nationwide what to the 50 percent needed to qualify for the presidential debate school is starting back up and we are getting a better idea about how well the new vaccine law is working.
5:38 am
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5:40 am
get into san francisco is packed and jammed at the bay bridge toll plaza lots of slow traffic squeezing through the pay date beyond west grand saloon stretching back know the problems in san francisco. >>mark: apple sells were down in the stores by more than 20% they're hoping cell to go with the release of the new phone but the big problem for companies is customs on now and less of a hurry to replace their phone is going to take a major wall factor overall the stock is up by 3% this year but they're split on whether growth is expected from the company in the months to come more passengers a actually satisfy with airline travel the conference a down but
5:41 am
will percent better clues to your complaints about delays cancel this is a customer service to reveal more customers felt discriminated against based by their race religion and nationality or disability races graffiti found on homes in northern california town hall resins are reacting will police are doing to find the people responsible american olympians make history see what three aphids have done that is never been done before.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: it is only 4 percent
5:45 am
contained over 80,000 people evacuated.
5:46 am
>>robin winston: have been spotted in the major problems but this commit west 92 and is looking good lasting 20 minutes to get from 880 over 2101 a little bit of a backup here at 580 west found in the richmond san rafael bridge getting a little slug as it's now starting to pick up not a big deal is a great ride across the span here is the slow traffic highway for westbound the crash was over road block in the two left lanes one car stuck will step out of the way in be right back the stock and go traffic will be on leverage consider using land instead of highway 4 is one to help you are a little bit you can bypass the slowing 23 minutes from hillcrest to 42. >>robin winston: normally not a big deal but is causing several flat tires backing up traffic
5:47 am
northbound 101 and the key for five cars off to the shoulder because of that debris you can be on a lockout if you have to roll chp on the way but you can see the slow track the back of beyond the 68280 split for northbound 101 the other spots are normal dublin to free my 19 minutes from san leandro to heywood union city fremont milpitas 880 south. >>robin winston: 24 minutes for the average drive out to 237.
5:48 am
>>reporter: already by 10:00 a.m. looking good to the east of a shoreline however the return flow of the ocean cool air you can see the fall making his way into the sacramento valley for the temperatures will still be in the business of a mixture of fuel nine is gore around and we saw yesterday even less as we see further into the future for the court on happening tonight surely after midnight getting a lot progress timber just for the east bay shoreline pretty much the '70s 72 oakland 79 for hayward. >>reporter: livermore at 93 in pleasanton fremont 84 berkeley checking in at 74, in the north but we see '80s dominating 83 for petaluma into wine country
5:49 am
still plenty hot and 814 vallejo as we go to the 74 past the to to drop below side will stay in a this territory for the inland valley into early next week. >>darya: >>james: the new vaccine law mandates all children must be vaccinated in order to be admitted into public-school it will protect the most school students from infectious diseases past and no longer use a personal belief exemption to out by giving them vaccinated no
5:50 am
one had to be sent home in san jose's san francisco or fremont they did send home 33 students out of their nearly 33,000 in the district pleasanton five of the 15,000 students the changes go into effect sunday the restores were structured we break down the changes and compares the plan.
5:51 am
>>gabe slate: it will slow down your davis peace until the end of the billing cycle here was a look at how at&t new plants that appliance horizon that will offer roll over on usual data you can see at&t offers a couple of more that could make it more appealing for the big data the offer of make expo planned what 30 get the data $405 a month the
5:52 am
big difference between at&t and horizon if he choose a plan below the 16 big amount you have to pay an additional $5 a month not to be tarsal go over this is important for arise and at&t offering these new plans to new customers but that are also available for existing customers but to have to go into the store or call them to sign up.
5:53 am
>>darya: the manager saw the bird was on a surveillance cameras and call the police >>mark: he has been benching him and makes the case we will be.
5:54 am
be. we will be right back.
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author announced a trio of books dole explore the was in world settings and characters that is called potter more presence we will have the forecast in just a few minutes we have a live report on land and a mass of wild fires burning in southern california has grown to the size of san francisco will have an
5:58 am
update on that fire.
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. >>reporter: as we did from yesterday's 59 along the east bay shoreline we have not seen the decoupling happen when they start to see these numbers jump a little bit quicker 62 for san jose the contrast pretty close
6:02 am
for spiriting yes the answer your still going for. >>robin winston: 24 that he sure the numbers in the macarthur are very quiet and smooth for now just backed up behind the toll plaza beyond west grand a couple of accidents from contra costa county one vote of the pants bird side of the of the drive time to 47 minutes is off to a very slow start 47 minutes from hillcrest out to 242 lead early or consider leaving leland that would be you along all the slow traffic rose six look at 1 01.
6:03 am
>>will tran: she is in jail last check this morning she teaches here at hale middle school as a drama teacher chasseur on real life drama her name is heather 40 years ago someone called the san bruno police armed with a tip on monday saying if you go to this particular location you'll be able to see her and a girl in the car that is exactly what they did they want to that location they took her into custody and she is in jail accused of having looted and the
6:04 am
city's tax with a minor we're not sure if she is a former student. >>will tran:
6:05 am
>>mark: the fire broke out tuesday morning for to about 82,000 people to evacuate their homes about 1500 firefighters are battling the fire is just 4 percent contained investigators said this arson fire that decimated the town of la lyft has destroyed 268 buildings
6:06 am
>>darya: it burned over six square miles in stop growing but is still just 50 percent contained a total of 380 buildings are still threatened by most of the evacuation orders have been lifted we're on to get a light of day on the progress of this fire. >>mark: heat kept his back to the courtroom and mumbled when the judge asked questions he was charged with 12 counts of arson and one count of attempted arson police say the motive remains unclear we still do not know what sparked a large fire
6:07 am
the fires sent thick smoke into the air have been around noon near mckee road not far from highway 101 people who live nearby were told to shelter in place the fire is considered suspicious this is a homeless encampment and that they will be investigating. >>darya: after the report off their flight back to the u.s. there are more questions about what really happened to this group of swimmers. >>james: this is video of them being released but they told to
6:08 am
stay in real to cooperate with investigation according to u.s. olympic committee that will also speak with police in brazil the only one of the group that actually have border of slight before worn for the questioning was issued he claims there rotted gunpoint and attacks and returned to the village after a party police said they found very good evidence to support the claims and they apparently had been given conflicting stories.
6:09 am
members of the british team australian team say they to have been rather during the games an interesting story that will continue to evolve. >>mark: paul ryan is in real with reactions how sweet it is for the first time ever one nation to go a silver and bronze backs of adriana nyasa and christie cap on that country is the united states of america
6:10 am
that at the podium after long jump since launching a personal best sleep for country may be read snagging silver the men's basketball team chased away the 2004 loss argentina rolling the final owner 1 0578 they played in spain in the semifinals friday the woman's what exxon france tonight.
6:11 am
>>mark: that includes 30 go 32 silver and 31 rounds set to 54 total medals great britain and third with 50. >>darya: they go for timmy was a first gold medal when the u.s. women take on friends on the basketball court safety concerns at one east bay city after a gunman and this car opened fire on another in broad daylight.
6:12 am
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6:20 am
>>darya: this happened on tully road and she was a passenger and honda civic the driver of the civic but the woman was in was hospitalized and they arrested the driver of the bmw the death toll from the recent storms and seven of the ami is still on the rise this morning. >>james: 6000 people still in shelters this morning it may be down from the 11,000 but is not as though the have many options
6:21 am
a lot of neighborhoods are exactly what you see on the screen flooded 30,000 people in 1400 pence or rescued a storm slammed southern louisiana and now hopes on the way universalism of football players have volunteered to help flood victims clean out their homes a group of homegrown heroes of the sale of the cajun navy they've stepped in to help they're using their own boats to navigate through flooded neighborhoods of release 40,000 homes in the area suffered some sort of storm
6:22 am
damage the road to recovery is going to be a long one >>darya: the attackers for an arrest as you read and rob them at gunpoint after the victim handover theirself phones one of them shot the husband and he was taken to the house what he is reported to be out of surgery now police said they have made arrests and two of the murders that happened this month investigators say a driver missed the gas to the break and drove their cars into a fund of the dry cleaning business
6:23 am
thankfully no one was injured but the store's windows and doors are broken this is the second time some was driven from his business of the other time was 15 years ago investigators say just one person was in the car and this accident they do not believe the driver was under the influence. . >>darya: they did chase a few
6:24 am
potential suspects in the area but they were on able to arrest anyone but did find some of the items that may contain their fingerprints so they're following up on that after the break find no more popular and easily rest on facing threats will be allowed to stay open.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: 63 minutes to get from antioch out to concord leave early or consider using we lead in runs parallel to was for get on the freeway and get your down all the slow traffic out of antioch and to pittsburgh because of two separate accidents bulk pretty minor. >>darya: there is no longer being threatened with eviction in the sulu and vita restaurant
6:27 am
and richman was given a 30 day notice of eviction last week there was a dangerous to which a leak in side and it had to be cleared out so they could make the repairs but the landlord got letter of criticism after serving an eviction notice this said it was out of spite against a sitting the restaurant has an inspection earlier this month. >>mark: thankfully none of the wheat into lake tahoe there on the boat during repairs the time the fire started to were injured when sprained his back jumping to escape the fire the other had minor smoke inhalation.
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>robin winston: not looking so good to accidence minor but causing the backups most of that will be pushed off toward the coast the return flow interesting for tonight hopefully cooling along with that will give you good sleeping weather 59 seems to be the popular number boat west of the hills and east 62 down to san jose and sunny 90 at work by 2:00 p.m. although it will be '80s calero we sing some of the
6:31 am
way of the towers. >>robin winston: we have one here was for west aware road been cleared from the two left place several vehicles is been out there for over an hour just minor injuries 64 minutes over an hour to make the westbound lie out to sue for it to not the only slow spot a few traffic check coming up.
6:32 am
>>reporter: 260 is structures have been destroyed too hard to of those are family homes 13 of the were businesses the rest were sheds and other small structures at one time casino does of evacuees who cannot go home yet because the areas where they live are still evacuated there has been 3,900 a. of land and turned the fire is 55 percent contained some let residents were able to go back to their homes yesterday as early as 4:00 in the afternoon fire investigators believe it was caused by arson the have the suspect in custody there are
6:33 am
people who are staying at the evacuation center just waiting to find out when they can go home and if their homes are still standing.
6:34 am
>>james: the senate is going to be a large number we're looking at live pictures courtesy of the local news stations down a lost angeles you will see just the rugged terrain and the massive expense of this fire continues to eat his way through the hillside.
6:35 am
>>darya: last friday morning and is identified as 41 years of who was homeless a preliminary investigation they are waiting for for autopsy results a man accused of being the dreaded banded is due back in court they're arrested the two men are seen in this surveillance video investing is leave they're involved in a series of takeovers of bank robberies.
6:36 am
>>darya: they enter their pleas yesterday in san mateo county superior court they were arrested for killing keep green he was reported missing in april after he was going to be with this ex-girlfriend and she's the mother of his two children and and his body was found 12 days later in the field the three suspects are doing back in court in october a new reason to watch what you eat see the negative
6:37 am
impact that your weight can have on your brenner.
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>>robin winston: it is a hot spot lots of heavy traffic to out of antioch into pits were were we have to cross is wrapping up the second class which is the 5:00 hour still blocking the to the planes cause and a nasty back of the stretches all the way out and is growing as more committed the road leave early or use leland which runs parallel to highway 4 mean what check out the july time is awful 67 minutes from hillcrest out to 242 in the same area causing a big backup we will have a complete check coming up. >>mark: your weight could be affecting your brain scientist from the people considered overweight or obese had a brain that resemble the brand of someone 10 years older it's time to the drive losing weight to
6:41 am
reverse the effects on brain deterioration what looks studies have been looking at a link between obesity their relatively new being away is also the one to other conditions. >>reporter: a lot of evidence temperatures and visiting will back to visit the neighborhood forecast
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>darya: and burn more the 6 4 mi. and has stopped growing of blood is 55 percent contained 380 buildings are still threaten that are being ordered to stay and the sale there were technical questioning and taken off the plane to go home this regarding reports that have been robbed along with the star swimmer and jimmy feet in their graves the gunpoint in a taxi the returning to the athletes village they said they found little evidence to support the claims there are ready back in the united states. >>darya: we want to get look at the weather and see how things are shaping up.
6:45 am
>>reporter: it is a little better perhaps than yesterday and not the major changes in the general forecast up: by 11:00 a.m. knowing a good job during most of the city cleared out still high in some fog you concede half when they does not clear how here comes again tonight look at that progress with ocean called endurance performance to give you some relief at night 64 san francisco this city at 70% to 67, also coming in at 7977 for redwood city half moon bay about 64 struggling with the fall and the clouds. >>reporter: san jose also at 86
6:46 am
lower 60s. >>robin winston: is settle call high with four things to a couple of earlier accidents traffic is still recovering and the westbound direction the first was at the westbound rubble blocking two lanes the one here and beverage you concede the slow traffic back into antioch is backed the well leon, to lomas and along tree both crashes are out a way but it is a slow ride leave early or use leland as alternate that is
6:47 am
one to help you out a little bit set the drive times and look better it dropped to 56 minutes now that the crashes have clear that is good news of the spots laxalt 680 out of concord and to danville not bad only 12 minutes. here at the richmond san rafael bridge slow approaching approaching the toll plaza and stretches into castro to the pagan it's moving well across the span of the problems it will be less than 15 minutes pick. >>darya: we're getting ready for
6:48 am
school kids are heading back and they're preparing to help the with the stress of getting their homework done. >>reporter: a new study in the american journal of family therapy has reported by cnn found students in the early elementary years are getting significantly more homework than was recommended the national education association endorses to minutes of homework per great level for example tenements for first grade 20 minutes for second grade but the study found some first graders had as much as 28 minutes of homework tonight do not hesitate to
6:49 am
contact your child's teacher to discuss workload and expectations it is also important to consider how and where your child is doing homework someone might have the most homework success right after school and the snack the others and after dinner or in the morning. >>reporter: if a child still has trouble focusing she says with a timer goes off if they did 10 minutes to play a few things to try when the kid's head back to school a new poll finds that the
6:50 am
voters' trust hillary clinton more than donald trump conducted by fox news found that 78 percent of the voters believe that he is dishonest and they cannot trust tampa she and the green party are looking to build will bernie sanders accomplice and the primary is an effort to
6:51 am
attract democrats for unsure of hillary clinton the libertarian candidate is pulling at just over 10 percent >>mark: and hang it 18,00559 still had the giants, to snap losing streaks collide highlights after the break a live look you see the gray skies with a starting now it is not going to wind up lot of people are looking as sunshine we will
6:52 am
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>>mark: that is the go-ahead run and texas tech's the lead and goes on to win six to two the tech on the white sox tomorrow with the trip to chicago the giants continues for disaster is home serious signal the pirates tried to avoid the sweep and giving up a bigger lead the giants hitting the triple
6:56 am
driving to boston for the in- depth for nothing in the first with the pirates that took a 64 lead the giants are trying to rally with generating the pirates to win six to five if this is the fifth time there have been swept their tech now the new york mets tonight at at&t park their game and a half behind the dodgers and the national league west american athletes are being held in rio the ones who send their route and now we're getting new information about athletes in great britain who say they were rather to the have the numbers on the wildfire that is burning and lake county would say about the progress they are making in their concerns this morning.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
shock and anger after a teacher is arrested, accused of sexual relations with a minor. details in a live report. american swimmers are pulled off their flight and ordered to stay in brazil and the report, questioning whether they were really robbed at gunpoint. we're following the latest out of california here with a massive fire out-of-control. we have the latest on the evacuations which are in the tens of thousands. = good thursday morning to you. >> it's already the 18th of august here and we're watching
7:00 am
the weather and traffic. yeah, we'll start with minor delays here at the s.f.o. here. at 59, we're looking at a little bit of a west windses here and just american delays here -- winds -- and some of the east coast airports around fill fill -- and the delays could always pop up here there. upper 50s still in the far east bay and you'll notice san francisco and the bay here in the 60s. we're in a cooling trend so that's the good news here. 92 by 3:00 and 80s in the inland and


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